Vintage Case for Wedding Cards
Family Picture Memories

Table Flowers

Wedding Program and Lavender Bags

Guest Seating Tags

Bar Set Up

Dinner Table

Barn behind Tables

Jam Favor

Wedding Cake


Wedding cards are placed in a vintage makeup case for the bride and groom. Memorable family photos hang from a cotton line attached by mini clothes pins. Guest name tags are placed on a wooden board with seating assignments.The flowers are placed on the dinner tables along with the jars of jam as a wedding favor. The cakes is displayed in the barn.

Bridal Flowers in Bride's Room

Table Flowers

Guest Book Sign-In

Guest Seating Tags

Bride made Paper Rose Banners

Paper Rose Banner behind the Bar

Beef Tenderloin with Chimchurri

Today's Menu

Cookie & Candy Assortment

Balloon Station for the Kids

Guests found what table they were sitting at by looking at the vintage vegetable tags tied to a rustic wooden board. The bride made paper rose banners to be hung. One banner was hung behind the bar and another was hung from the table that contained a variety of cookies and candies. In the barn kids and adults could participate in making balloon animals.

Guest Sign-in Book

Wedding Arch

Table Flowers

Easter Baskets

Table Numbers

Candle Favor

Wedding Cake & Cupcakes

Wedding Cake

Cupcake Plate

Family Memories

The flowers were roses, sweet peas, and ranuncula with a touch of mint sprigs. Since Easter was the next day, the children were treated to Easter baskets at their table. The gold table numbers were visible and bright. Cupcakes and a small wedding cake were arranged in the barn. Family pictures were arranged by the wedding arch.

Farmer's Market

Decorative Cabbage

Butter Leaf & Romaine Lettuce

Red & Yellow Beets

Organic Rosemary

Cow Cutout

Fabulous Strawberries

Mini Squash

Orange & White Carrots

Spring Onions

The wedding day morning starts early for me. I pick up orders from the Farmer's Market which includes organic strawberries, lettuce, squash along with other fresh food items needed for todays meal depending on what was chosen by the bride and groom. I must also go to the bakery for bread to fill the bread baskets on the tables.

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